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Chupke Chupke Episode 1 HD Full Official video - 14 April 2021 at Hum TV official AR-tree channel. Subscribe to stay updated with new uploads.
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Chupke Chupke Episode 1 Full HD - Chupke Chupke is a latest drama serial by Hum TV and HUM TV Dramas are well-known for its quality in Pakistani Drama & Entertainment production. Today Hum TV is broadcasting the Episode 1 of Chupke Chupke. Chupke Chupke Episode 1 Full in HD Quality 14 April 2021 at Hum TV official AR-tree channel. Enjoy official Hum TV Drama with best dramatic scene, sound and surprise.
Osman Khalid Butt, Ayeza Khan, Hira Soomro, Muhammad Qavi Khan, Tarah Mahmood, Sidra Niazi, Arsalan Asad Butt, Farhan Ally Agha, Sheheryar Zaidi, Salma Asim, Asma Abbas , Uzma Beg, Mira Sethi, Ayesha Mirza, Arsalan Bin Naseer, Ali Safina, Aymen Saleem, Abdul Hadi, Areesha (Child) & Others.
Saima Akram Chaudhry
Danish Nawaz
Momina Duraid Productions
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  1. CBA - Arslan Naseer

    CBA - Arslan Naseerسنوات قبل

    Thanks for all the support CBA ARMY! .... ap LOVE hain! 🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️

  2. jawad shafiq

    jawad shafiq2 أشهر قبل

    @Elon i love you

  3. Bangalore Hardware

    Bangalore Hardware3 أشهر قبل

    AP ab paristan me bhi hai na jo new serial hai ap aur aymen

  4. zainab zaynab

    zainab zaynab4 أشهر قبل

    cba op

  5. Reshma Siddiqua

    Reshma Siddiqua4 أشهر قبل

    I'm watching this second time... Very funny drama 🥰

  6. Muhammad Raza

    Muhammad Raza5 أشهر قبل

    @Multiple Chocolate 1dfyjo0ny

  7. ~Falak~

    ~Falak~17 أيام قبل

    No one can beat sahana's character in suno chanda 🙂

  8. Sana Khazi

    Sana Khazi4 أيام قبل

    Trueeeeeeeee ⚡🥰

  9. Jeny

    Jeny2 أشهر قبل

    I don't know why this show created magic and I am watching it repeatedly. And I have never watched a show with so much interest like this. Amazingly written with amazing cast. Love from India


    TKO BEAST2 أشهر قبل

    U should also watch suno chanda

  11. Manish Kumar

    Manish Kumar4 أشهر قبل

    Suno chanda ki yad aa gayi .. Kitna khubsurat drama banta h pak me ❤️❤️ love from India

  12. Muhammad ESSA Javed

    Muhammad ESSA Javed6 أيام قبل

    India mein to dramas ath aath saal hatam ni hote

  13. Mehak Verma

    Mehak Verma5 أشهر قبل

    When he was singing Suno Chanda OST song in the kitchen.... Hayeee kasam se bahot accha lga ❤️❤️

  14. Chhaya Ksheersagar

    Chhaya Ksheersagar3 أشهر قبل

    Esa feel hua ki jaldi s suno chanda ka 3rd season aa jaye....

  15. Anjali Shukla

    Anjali Shukla10 أشهر قبل

    To be honest these Pakistani serials are far better than our Indian daily soaps which runs for 10 years with same boring story 😒 love from India Meenu 😍

  16. god bless you

    god bless you3 أيام قبل

    Bcz there is relationship between czns

  17. Saakshi Oberoi

    Saakshi Oberoi16 أيام قبل

    Hahha. Who watch Indian soaps yaar

  18. Endless Chapar Chapar With Ananya 😜

    Endless Chapar Chapar With Ananya 😜23 أيام قبل

    I agree. From Kolkata, India

  19. Snow Moon

    Snow Moonأشهر قبل

    Ye wala miss hogya ta.

  20. Arbina ARBI

    Arbina ARBI3 أشهر قبل

    I'm missing This drama 🥺😂 rewatching this coz Ramzan is incomplete without chupkey chupkey 💗

  21. Sayeed Zama

    Sayeed Zama3 أشهر قبل

    First episode tu utna khas nhi lagra agye dhekenge

  22. suhana hassan

    suhana hassan2 أشهر قبل

    Since last year sehri vibe is incomplete without watching this masterpiece Love from 🇧🇩

  23. Visual ♡ Jeon

    Visual ♡ Jeon2 أشهر قبل

    Can't believe 1year already passed!! Seriously y'all have to accept the fact that this was the bestest drama we've ever got in Ramadan

  24. • 𝑆𝑡𝑓𝑥𝑎𝑒𝑠𝑝𝑎♡︎

    • 𝑆𝑡𝑓𝑥𝑎𝑒𝑠𝑝𝑎♡︎19 أيام قبل

    @Visual ♡ Jeon lol i tried to look cool you know * starts doing overacting* 😉

  25. Visual ♡ Jeon

    Visual ♡ Jeon19 أيام قبل

    @• 𝑆𝑡𝑓𝑥𝑎𝑒𝑠𝑝𝑎♡︎ Why'd u change your pfp and name? 👁️👄👁️

  26. Visual ♡ Jeon

    Visual ♡ Jeon23 أيام قبل

    @• 𝑆𝑡𝑓𝑥𝑎𝑒𝑠𝑝𝑎♡︎ Aww thnxx gurl, and yes we can be friends!! Do you have Instagram or smth?? ❤️

  27. slave of Allah

    slave of Allahأشهر قبل

    I can't believe i am watching this drama again from today 😍😍😍

  28. zaid

    zaid27 أيام قبل

    me too...❤

  29. Gerry Burntwood

    Gerry Burntwoodسنوات قبل

    I can’t believe I’ve started to rewatch this drama today, it’s very funny!😂😍

  30. Sujita Pandey

    Sujita Pandey6 أيام قبل

    Same here🤣🤣🤣🤣

  31. Nazmun Jahan

    Nazmun Jahan15 أيام قبل

    @Gerry Burntwood Thanks!

  32. muhammad zeeshan

    muhammad zeeshan15 أيام قبل

    Same bnda fresh Hu jata

  33. Gerry Burntwood

    Gerry Burntwood15 أيام قبل

    @Nazmun Jahan Fazila has several meanings but it means unnecessary, or even rubbish!

  34. Nazmun Jahan

    Nazmun Jahan15 أيام قبل

    Minu tu bari cool he Duniya fajool ha' what is tha meaning of fazool...?

  35. Asfiya Khan

    Asfiya Khan2 أشهر قبل

    Before one week i complete to watch this show for the uncontable time and after that one week i came again to watch it😂❤️ i just love this show freaking much💕

  36. Hassan butt

    Hassan butt2 أشهر قبل

    Same here😂😂

  37. Aadil Ahmad

    Aadil Ahmadأشهر قبل

    Your Favourite Drama Serial Chupke Chupke 😍 Hum Tum 🥰


    AYAN BGMIأشهر قبل

    Ham tum is a master piece 😀

  39. UzAiR AwAn

    UzAiR AwAnأشهر قبل

    Hum Turn is Awesome 😎

  40. AJ __Love

    AJ __Love3 أشهر قبل

    Well I am watching this again because it’s just not the same this year without Chupke Chupke😭♥️

  41. si_yappa_queen 0078

    si_yappa_queen 007816 أيام قبل

    @AJ __Love yeahhh 😅

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    Mussa Nawab16 أيام قبل

    I,am 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  43. AJ __Love

    AJ __Love2 أشهر قبل

    @si_yappa_queen 0078 Chupke Chupke Forever shall be lived!

  44. si_yappa_queen 0078

    si_yappa_queen 00782 أشهر قبل

    Me tooooo🤪

  45. Sharjeel Hassan

    Sharjeel Hassan2 أشهر قبل

    People watching new ramzan special dramas but i am still watching chupke chupke. All time favourite drama 🤩

  46. Neha More

    Neha More6 أيام قبل

    I am just addicted to this drama.. watching it for the 4th time.. 😍😍 Please come up with season 2..🙁🙏 Lots of love from India ❤️❤️❤️

  47. Humera Siddiqui

    Humera Siddiqui2 أشهر قبل

    19:27 where he was singing suno chanda was lit🤣🤣

  48. Mitali Bisht

    Mitali Bisht2 أشهر قبل

    Love Love Love 💕 this superb drama. Pls bring season 2 on public demand. 🌻🌻🌻

  49. zannat ety

    zannat ety2 أشهر قبل

    I just finished this wonderful drama two days ago but I can't help to hold myself to rewatch again.😍😍Yes, I just can't stay away from it.😎😎

  50. Rabia Shabbir

    Rabia Shabbir10 أيام قبل


  51. Rabia Shabbir

    Rabia Shabbir10 أيام قبل

    Another نے but rnenjein3i38

  52. Vlogger of Lahore

    Vlogger of Lahore6 أشهر قبل

    Best nikami student : Meenu Best strict teacher : Faazi Best comedian : Haadi Best cute girl : Mishi Best Cricketer : Waleed Best social Media manager : Mirchi Best person speaks Punjabi: Beba Best Ghar damad : Miskin Best in cleanliness: Kaneez Best kanjoos : Kafait Best one minute big sister : Minto Best drama : Chupke Chupke Who agrees 👇

  53. Syed shahbaz hussain

    Syed shahbaz hussain10 أيام قبل


  54. Adina Khan

    Adina Khan2 أشهر قبل

    I'm Agree 😅😜😜

  55. Sardar saqlain Gujjar

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  56. (ERTUGHRUL) FAN _____£

    (ERTUGHRUL) FAN _____£2 أشهر قبل


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    Shaaz2 أشهر قبل

    @butterfly 🦋 Shukriya ☺️

  58. Hussain Khan

    Hussain Khan2 أشهر قبل

    Re-watch in Ramadan 2022 just to bring back some beautiful memories ❤️😄

  59. Sahima Momtaj

    Sahima Momtaj4 أشهر قبل

    I started rewatche this drama🤣🤣just love it❤ 😍

  60. Life is beautiful ❤️

    Life is beautiful ❤️أشهر قبل

    33:17 When babe said ''Haaye mere Allah" her voice😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  61. Complex Roblox

    Complex Roblox2 أشهر قبل

    Season 2 Please Guys It's Been A Year 😭😭

  62. Kamran Khan

    Kamran Khan2 أشهر قبل


  63. Niya ✨

    Niya ✨سنوات قبل

    Shukar hai itne depressing dramas ke baad ek light mood comedy drama! Iss se suno Chanda ke vibes arahi hain! Jo bhi ho Ayeza is looking so cute! ❤️

  64. asif kamal

    asif kamal2 أشهر قبل

    Pakistan first light mood drama is ankahi....chupke chupke m thori si us ki vibes Hain...

  65. Mehwish Ayub

    Mehwish Ayub7 أشهر قبل

    @_jhalakte_alfaaz_____ 🥴😑

  66. _jhalakte_alfaaz_____

    _jhalakte_alfaaz_____7 أشهر قبل

    @Mehwish Ayub chalo maan liya hame nahi aata kuch to tum kya ho tumhe kya ata hai........... ye puch rahe hai lad nahi rahe hai

  67. _jhalakte_alfaaz_____

    _jhalakte_alfaaz_____7 أشهر قبل

    @Mehwish Ayub sorry appi hamne aapki baat ko koi or matlab de diya aap sahi hai apni jagah pe sabki apni apni pasand hoti hai sorry

  68. _jhalakte_alfaaz_____

    _jhalakte_alfaaz_____7 أشهر قبل

    @Mehwish Ayub sorry appi hamne aapki baat ko koi or matlab de diya aap sahi hai apni jagah pe sabki apni apni pasand hoti hai sorry

  69. Mr Me

    Mr Me3 أشهر قبل

    Watching this again after hum tum and paristaan . Chupke chupke is next level.

  70. ButterCup🐛

    ButterCup🐛3 أشهر قبل

    this drama is sooooo good even i start to watch this again😊❤

  71. Maria Mubarik

    Maria Mubarik3 أشهر قبل


  72. Main Waseem

    Main Waseem2 أشهر قبل

    Most funniest drama I can't stop laughing ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Iram2 أيام قبل

    Stop lauqhing ❤❤❤❤ Most funniest

  74. Meena Gupta

    Meena Guptaسنوات قبل

    When I start watching Pakistani serials... I just got addicted to them .... They are too good... My husband and even my 15 years old son like them very much..... 👍🏻👌👏👏😊


    MEHMOONA SHEERAZ25 أيام قبل

    @Kataan Sandhu suno chanda

  76. slumdog

    slumdogأشهر قبل

    @Ilma_khan hum tum

  77. Manish verma Manish verma

    Manish verma Manish vermaأشهر قبل

    I also

  78. Meena Gupta

    Meena Gupta2 أشهر قبل

    @Usui Takumi watched's very nice drama

  79. Anoushka Sinha

    Anoushka Sinha3 أشهر قبل

    10:36 I laughed sooo hard🤣🤣🤣

  80. alice dale

    alice dale5 أشهر قبل

    Please would you put English subtitles so this drama becomes more enjoyable to more people thank you

  81. Wariha Asim

    Wariha Asim3 أشهر قبل

    It's ramzan again and I am eagerly waiting for this drama season 2!❤️😩

  82. Girlvx:)

    Girlvx:)3 أشهر قبل

    I'm watching this drama for the 10th time 😂🤩 i Love this drama so funny and amazing

  83. Kids Candy ASMR

    Kids Candy ASMR6 أشهر قبل

    Plesse season 2 😭😭😭😭

  84. Chand Khan

    Chand Khan11 أيام قبل

    @Naziya Ali yes

  85. Chand Khan

    Chand Khan11 أيام قبل


  86. 𝕋𝕒𝕖𝕥𝕒𝕖𝕓𝕚𝕒𝕤𝕖𝕕

    𝕋𝕒𝕖𝕥𝕒𝕖𝕓𝕚𝕒𝕤𝕖𝕕13 أيام قبل

    @Naima Latif ikr

  87. 𝕋𝕒𝕖𝕥𝕒𝕖𝕓𝕚𝕒𝕤𝕖𝕕

    𝕋𝕒𝕖𝕥𝕒𝕖𝕓𝕚𝕒𝕤𝕖𝕕13 أيام قبل

    @Asifa Zafar no suno chanda has 2 seasons

  88. Archana Dwivedi

    Archana Dwivediأشهر قبل

    @Naima Latif right hum tum 💕

  89. Ayesha

    Ayesha4 أشهر قبل

    We want season 2...😌✌️ Love from Indian...❤️🇮🇳❤️

  90. samar abbas

    samar abbas23 أيام قبل

    Yeh indian drama nahi hn

  91. @itshuzaifa.j

    @itshuzaifa.j4 أشهر قبل


  92. Aadil Ahmad

    Aadil Ahmad2 أشهر قبل

    Best Drama Ever Chupke chupke 😍🥰

  93. Mohammed shaheena

    Mohammed shaheena4 أشهر قبل

    Nasa ki library se leki athi hoon tere liye ladki 😂😂 That was very funny dialogue by Amma to ostad ji😂😂

  94. Reema sarkar

    Reema sarkarأشهر قبل

    Watching once again on 2022 from Bangladesh 🇧🇩... Just Amazing drama.. We all want chupke chupke season 2 🤗🤗

  95. Smriti Singh

    Smriti Singhسنوات قبل

    This serial is all set to be the most entertaining drama of the year and Osman Khalid Butt is looking absolutely dashing with scintillating performance 👌

  96. Somia Somia

    Somia Somia5 أشهر قبل

    Waiting for Season 2 🤩😍👍👍

  97. Diana Zain

    Diana Zain3 أشهر قبل

    Still want season 2 💜

  98. Taha Butt Afzaal Butt

    Taha Butt Afzaal Butt4 أشهر قبل

    پہلے ہمیں لگا کہ مسکین اس گھر کا نوکر ہے 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😅😅😅

  99. seroooyyy___

    seroooyyy___2 أشهر قبل

    Oh my god I just loved it yarrr I'm watching again in this ramdam♥️🤣

  100. Nourin Qureshi

    Nourin Qureshi8 أشهر قبل

    This Drama Is Best Medicine For Depressed People such a masterpiece Edit : never got so many likes thanks everyone 🙌🙃

  101. Fun with Anu🍃

    Fun with Anu🍃10 أيام قبل

    See humtum that is just outstanding..

  102. Ayesha Sideeq

    Ayesha Sideeqأشهر قبل bestie suggested this fr me....i'm 13! And i hv anxiety disorder , so i always forget all my tension when i watch this! Such an amazing serial...

  103. ᴍᴀʜʀᴜ ♡

    ᴍᴀʜʀᴜ ♡4 أشهر قبل

    It is!!

  104. 𝕋𝕒𝕖𝕥𝕒𝕖𝕓𝕚𝕒𝕤𝕖𝕕

    𝕋𝕒𝕖𝕥𝕒𝕖𝕓𝕚𝕒𝕤𝕖𝕕5 أشهر قبل

    @Rehana Ahmed Who asked?

  105. Rehana Ahmed

    Rehana Ahmed6 أشهر قبل

    Not at all this is not masterpiece

  106. Anusha Deewan

    Anusha Deewan3 أشهر قبل

    Me ye serial 4 bar dekh rhi hu 🙂 Haye Kya funny and amazing serial hai 🤣

  107. Mahak Singh

    Mahak Singh3 أشهر قبل

    We want season 2 with the same cast plz 😭❤️

  108. Munazah Adnan

    Munazah Adnan3 أشهر قبل

    Muskeen so cute.... actually all actors are very well suited to their characters....😆👌

  109. Fariya Zaidi

    Fariya Zaidi2 أشهر قبل

    I've started to rewatch this drama today 😅♥️

  110. Bilkish G

    Bilkish G10 أشهر قبل

    Probably the most enjoyable drama to watch after Suno Chanda Season 1 ... 🙂

  111. anshtina

    anshtina4 أيام قبل

    Suno Chanda k bd kuch acha nhi lga sochri hu dubara usse dekhu.... Y serial ksa h wse 🥺

  112. Sofee Malik

    Sofee Malik28 أيام قبل

    Me b suno Chanda k dono sison dekh kr yha aai hu kash y b acha ho pr mje wo bht psnd aaya khaskr arsal ki mom uske jesa nhi lgega koi sirial my fvrt dilough tha aaye NWA katta khol diya . Arsal ka . Oy rehne Amma best show

  113. shubham gopal

    shubham gopal3 أشهر قبل

    @Bilkish G"" mere pas tum ho "" Bhul hi gye ap???

  114. Parveen Mansuri

    Parveen Mansuri5 أشهر قبل


  115. Kataan Sandhu

    Kataan Sandhu5 أشهر قبل

    @Bilkish G kya koi drama suno Chanda jasa h inme full comedy ??

  116. Tahreem Asim

    Tahreem Asim3 أشهر قبل

    We want chupke chupke season 2

  117. Muskan Art studio🌹💯

    Muskan Art studio🌹💯3 أشهر قبل

    Miss you Chupke Chupke drama.... Love from India 😍😍

  118. Stylish Gurll

    Stylish Gurll4 أشهر قبل

    Even im watching this again.. new old vibes who else waiting for Ramzan ? 💗

  119. Zooni Mughal

    Zooni Mughal4 أشهر قبل

    It’s my favorite drama chupke chupke too much fun yar in this drama😆😂😀🤣

  120. suhana hassan

    suhana hassan11 أشهر قبل

    Watching it for the 7th time since it released 💞 my Ramadan was very cheerful because of that I have a special affection for the serial it reminds me of the Ramadan nights before sehri 💖💖💖 Everyone in the drama is spectacular 🧡 Love from Bangladesh 🇧🇩

  121. Abdul Wasay

    Abdul Wasay8 أيام قبل


  122. Snow Moon

    Snow Moonأشهر قبل

    I ll waych first time.Puchly sal miss hogya ta ..

  123. Mustafa malik

    Mustafa malik2 أشهر قبل

    @Farida Kachwala grandson

  124. Farida Kachwala

    Farida Kachwala3 أشهر قبل

    Want to know in this faazi is the son or the grandson .if he is the son then faazi would be uncle of meenu. Serial is good

  125. Sooo_helll⚡💫

    Sooo_helll⚡💫10 أشهر قبل

    Watch Suno chanda bttr than this💯🤞

  126. rekha sharma

    rekha sharmaأشهر قبل

    Excellent drama good comedy Good bonding between cousins Make this type of dramas.

  127. Anusha Deewan

    Anusha Deewan3 أشهر قبل

    31:43 this scene is so funny 🤣 jab miskeen 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  128. ASons Javedtailor

    ASons Javedtailor2 أيام قبل

    Guys I can't believe that I am watching this drama 3rd time 🥰🥰

  129. anayasaimtoo :

    anayasaimtoo :3 أشهر قبل

    The other dramas are great but I miss meenu’s innocence and her personality I love faazi’s firmness and ethic I adore hadi’s personality and his humor Mishi is beautiful and so relatable Gul is amazing Miskeen… I HAVE NO WORDSSS Mirchi is so pretty and little and innocent I love waleed’s cricket stories and his relationship problems Bebe is the best out of all of them and her and amma’s rivalry is the highlight of the whole drama Amma is so sweet and is so caring Roomi is hilariousss Maani is in his own world I miss chupke chupke🥺

  130. Reena Ahuja

    Reena Ahuja7 أشهر قبل

    One of the most entertaining dramas I have ever seen. There is no way it can't leave you happy. Love from India ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😍

  131. Reena Ahuja

    Reena Ahuja3 أيام قبل

    @2IN2 dekh liya, both seasons. Too good. Your serials rock 👍

  132. Reena Ahuja

    Reena Ahuja3 أيام قبل

    @AKHTAR AKHTAR started with Hum Tum. Prem Gali was also 😍😍😍😍


    AKHTAR AKHTARأشهر قبل

    Hum Tum bhi dekhlo

  134. 2IN2

    2IN22 أشهر قبل

    Suno chanda bhi dekh lo

  135. Salman Sonu

    Salman Sonu3 أشهر قبل

    @Rohit Wadhwaffgg

  136. Gousiya Jamadar

    Gousiya Jamadar2 أشهر قبل

    I can't believe I have started to rewatch this drama😅🤩

  137. Shreya Mishra

    Shreya Mishra3 أشهر قبل

    Watching it all over again 😍🥰

  138. faiza farooq

    faiza farooq3 أشهر قبل

    Ilove this drama❤❤❤❤😂😂

  139. Javeria Fatima

    Javeria Fatima4 أشهر قبل

    I can relate ur pain mishim...khopy🤧🤫🤫🤭🤭 watching it for 2nd time ..and clips for sooo many times

  140. Stranger

    Stranger9 أشهر قبل

    The best thing about pak dramas are they don't create suspense in showing a character 👍

  141. Neeta Munot

    Neeta Munot2 أشهر قبل


  142. ★ Divya Singh 😈 ࿐

    ★ Divya Singh 😈 ࿐3 أشهر قبل


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    Harry Haris5 أشهر قبل


  144. pch mubashir

    pch mubashir6 أشهر قبل


  145. Saida Rav

    Saida Rav7 أشهر قبل

    Exactly ek episode ek character ko dikhane me hi laga dete he 😆

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